An open-source website creation platform that is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.

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An open-source website creation platform that is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), meaning it isn’t owned by a single company or entity. Hundreds of developers and users collaborate and contribute to the software to make it better. The spirit of open source means constant improvements, accountability and free usage for everyone.

Extendable with WordPress plugins

The WordPress software can be extended with WordPress plugins. Plugins are bits of software that you can upload to your website to add more features . There are thousands of free WordPress plugins available on the WordPress.org plugin directory and a premium (paid) plugins industry.

Highly customizable with WordPress themes

WordPress themes provide the design and layout of your website. With a click of a button, you can change the entire look of your website by applying a new WordPress theme. More advanced WordPress themes are more like WordPress page builders, giving you even more control of your layouts.

Website security

While no website platform is 100% secure, WordPress security continues to improve with a  security team of core developers and users. Common WordPress security issues are usually due to user error, rather than the software itself.


Allows to sell goods or services online and collect payment via an online payment system. Installing WooCommerce an to extend the default functionality of WordPress so one can have an online store on the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Begins at a technical level and WordPress delivers an exceptional code base for SEO. SEO allows your website’s content to be found via common search engines such as Google or Bing.

Media file library

WordPress includes a built-in media library where you can upload and embed media files such as images or videos into your pages or posts. You can even perform basic edits to your images within WordPress.

Grow your traffic

Content is king. As long as we create insatiable content on your site , you’ll keep the visitors coming back for more and more.


Increase your sales

As you can see, you don’t have to be high-pressure or disingenuous when trying to increase sales for your business.

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